Maxstone, SK

15km South of Assiniboia, SK

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St Mary's Mission Church is a Municipal Heritage Property located in the Rural Municipality of Stonehenge No. 73, approximately 15 km south of the Town of Assiniboia and .5 km north of the former Hamlet of Maxstone. The property features a small, wood-framed church built in 1917 and a cemetery situated on, 4-ha parcel of rural land.

St. Mary's have the original artifacts in place and are used on every Father's Day with a Lay Service, later in the day, a meal, and family baseball, with local and former residents.

Further heritage value resides in the cemetery's connection to the area's pioneers, many of whom were laid to rest within the grounds, and burials are still periodically conducted. The iron cross markers on some of the graves, likely made by Maxstone's former blacksmith, are of a style associated with the German-speaking immigrants from Eastern Europe.